Computers Direct


We have developed comprehensive, in-depth professional expertise in the Microsoft Windows NT and a variety of other network operating systems. With our on-staff Network Engineers, System Technicians, and Software Specialists, you can be confident that we can assist you with any system connectivity and stand-alone computer needs.

We offer consultation as well as suggestions for your small-mid size business . We can assist you on all your networking needs by networking the customers personal computers and business computers in order to share resources such as printers, files, CD-ROMs, and "high speed"Internet access (Cable/DSL)via routers, hubs. We provide affordable solutions based on your individual needs.

Computers Direct can provide our customers with assistance in getting started and maintaining a small in-house network. Computers Direct offers "turn-key" packages, which includes ISP selection, service plan selection, e-mail setup, and type of connection (i.e. modem, DSL, or cable modem). Computers Direct also offers basic internet training, any hardware installation needed, and any setup associated with connecting to the internet. The customer can also receive assistance with any other networking needs. Call us for a "free" onsite consultation.