Computers Direct


As an Information Systems Director at a new facility, I was faced with the challenge of reorganizing an existing network. A simple call to Pete Fishe at Computers Direct greatly reduced my task. Pete and his staff were not only very knowledgeable, but extremely helpful and efficient in fulfilling all of my hardware needs.

In this industry, such professionalism and courtesy are a rare combination to find. The technical staff is well versed in all aspects of computers including the hardware, software and networking fields.

It has been a pleasure working with Computers Direct. I have purchased over a dozen systems from them and will continue to do business with them far into the future.

Joe Zoda
Challenge Health Network Inc. - Information Systems Director

As the year comes to end, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the superior equipment and service that you have provided our company during that year. Our many clients are enjoying the performance and reliability of the computers we have supplied. It makes our job a lot easier when we don't have to worry about computer reliability.

We look forward to another great year working with your company.

Henry J. Davila
The Stansfield Group Inc. - Vice President

This is an unsolicited letter wich is written because I have been most pleased with both products and services povided by Computers Direct.

Some years back I purchased a computer system from Boca Technologies. I never encountered one problem with the system to this day. Just recently I purchased another upgraded system and I came back to Computers Direct because I remembered the quality of product and services I received.

I have purchased computers or computer products from stores like COMP USA, Brandsmart or Office Depot and while the products have been generally good I find that purchasing products through Computers Direct has many advantages. Those advantages include not having a computer loaded with programs and advertising which takes up space and clutters the system. A computer can be designed to one's specific needs and Computers Direct offers more personalized services than I have beed able to archieve at other stores. I have also found pricing to be very competitive and often better than at other stores. All of my dealings have been with Pete Fisher the owner. He was always been fair and responsible in all dealings. I am sure other sales and technical people are competent to handle any situation. I can say without reservation that I am happy customer and I recommend Computers Direct as a place to purchase computers.

Charles Laser
Laser Exploration Inc. - President

I just had take this opportunity to thank you for the way you came to my aid recenlty when my office system crashed. You and your fine staff got the system up and running, while maintaining your usual friendly, professional, and corteous demeanor. The problem was rapidly diagnosed and fixed, the charges were reasonable, and the service was too fast.

If Direct Computers had a fan club, I'd be its president. Keep up the great work. I would not dream of buying computes products from anyone else but you.

H. Michael Bass
Bass Center - MD

I have been a customer of Computers Direct for at least the last five years if not longer and I was not asked to write this letter. I do so because of the extraordinary service and product quality as I have observed this establishment over the years.

Having owned several companies over the past fifty years it is my observation that service is no longer the primary concern. That is because the big chains have taken over where they seek the self serve customer and can reduce operating costs. The problemwith this is that we need personalized service when making important decisions whether it be purchasing a product or a service related matter.

First I can state unequivocally that my purchases through Computers Direct Inc. have could by a comparable computer at say Comp USA or Brands Mart. More importantly is i have a problem the owner or managemente took care of it immediately. Recently I had a problem requiring a special part and the only person would make a real effort to help was the owner of Computers Direct. You cannot get that service with the big chains.

Computers Direct has been in business a long time. They are reliable and dependable. They can design a computer system for your particular needs rather that have a lot of extraneous memory eating unusable programs. They know what they are doing, as they have highly qualified technicians that take a psersonal interest in the customers problem.

I suggest you give a Computers Direct a opportunity to meet your computer needs. I believe you will be very satisfied as I have beed over all theses past years.

Dr. Charles Laser
Laser Exploration Inc. - President

I first met Pete and his crew a few years back at a computer show...Little did i know he'd be driving me nuts for the next few years....Or perhaps I've been driving them nutz??? Never have I met a finer group of dedicated professionals then Computers Direct...I've purchased numerous computers & laptops from them. And the experience has always been rewarding... I must acknowledge their talented head technician Ed Greenberg...Simply put..Nobody knows computers like Ed does Period!!! If only he knew more about fixing my Lexus...LOL...

Arlene Schumann
(World Class

I am writing this email to praise you for your wonderful tech support.

I purchased my last computer from you over one year ago and it has been performing without any problems. A few days ago, I was unable to open my Outlook Express email program. After numerous phone calls to my inernet service provider and spending over thee hours with their tech support, the problem remained unsolved. They finally suggested that I contact the computer manufacturer. I phoned you and desbribed my problem to Ed, your super technicianm and, believe it or not, he restored my Outlook Express in less that a minute. There was no waiting on the phone listening to long recordings and the speaking to people who obviously do not have very much tecnical skills; rather just quick and expert tecnical support.

This was not the first time Ed has helped my over the phone and it always has been efficient and courteous experience.

I recommend your establishment whenever I can and everyone is very satisfied.

Robert A. Evedon